Island Farm: World’s Home of the Freshest Seafood


When it comes to seafood, having freshly caught one is one of the most beautiful things that you can give to yourself. Fishes, Tuna, lobsters are very delicious and mouth-watering once you’ve got a fresh one. Speaking of fresh seafood, we are the ones that can provide those right away onto your plate. We understand the feeling of being special and we want you to feel the same by giving freshly caught seafood that will satisfy your appetite.

This is Island Farm, established in 2005 and is located in Maldives. The location of our farm is one of our strategies why we can provide a type of seafood that you really desire. Since then, we have been very close to the rich fishing grounds where our farm is surrounded by it as well as easy access to the airports. This is one of the advantages why we are able to catch healthy and fresh seafood.

Our farm is rich in tuna which is one of the most favorite seafood by customers and still supply us a plentiful number it all year round. We are using a method which is considered as the most

Our Team

Our team is composed well-trained and professional individuals who are very dedicated to distribute the best of the best quality as well as excellent service to our loyal customers globally. We are very reliable and in a fact, we have a different level of expertise and 10 years of experience concentrating in the tuna supplying field. Because of that, we have gained our customers’ confidence and trust.