Our Products

It is essential that every food must be fresh and healthy for the body. Eating those kinds of foods can bring a great impact to the overall lifestyle of a certain individual. We achieve the tactics on taking care of our sea animals, providing them enough care to be able to grow them in a healthy way. By making them healthy, we can produce delicious seafood daily.

Over a period of time of hard work and experience, we have known as the one stop tuna solution for our beloved customers. We offer variety of products such as frozen, canned and fresh-chilled. We are very proud that we have the ability to provide our products to the main markets including USA, EU, China, Korea, Japan, Middle East and Singapore.

Dried and Live

Fresh live fish or the best quality dried fish from the Maldives

Canned Fish

Vacuum packed chilled tuna loins. Whole Frozen Tuna. Whole tuna frozen in brine and blast freezers.


Frozen fish and all varieties of seafood.

Fresh Chilled

Fresh chilled tuna