A nation composed of 99 percent sea, Maldives views fishing as a way of life. Island Farm, the largest tuna exporter in Maldives, has been doing sustainable fishing by using pole and line for decades to provide a consistent supply of fresh catch for our customers’ needs. As an MSC certified pole & line fishery, we fish tuna and other fish stock in a special way to support our goal of sustainable fishing – using a hook, line and pole to prevent harm to other marine life.

The pole and line method not only helps protect the oceans, but also provides a sustainable supply of cost-effective protein for families worldwide. This traditional fishing method benefits both the environment and society, something we strive to achieve through our sustainable fishing and strategic location.

With its selective nature, the possibility of depleting a fish stock through this method is virtually impossible as catching fish is literally done one at a time. This allows fish populations to keep a steady, natural reproductive rate and ensures a sustainable supply of fresh catch. It also eliminates the longline or purse seine fishing used by most fishing fleets that result in random harvests of other marine life.

There are various species of tuna and their condition differs. Skipjack tuna, for instance, is in the healthiest condition, while bigeye is in severe decline. Conventional purse seine fishing might be used to catch skipjack tuna, but it can also include 20 percent baby bigeye, caught before they’re even able to breed. With the pole and line method, this possibility is eliminated.

As Maldives seafood exporters, we also aim to close the gap between the growing demand for tuna caught through pole and line and its supply. Our proximity to rich fishing grounds and access to air ports located within less than a mile of our packing facility allow us to reduce our lead times and provide fresh catch and supply at all times.

Through our pole and line method, we make sure that the possibility of by-catch is eliminated. The lines we use are specifically designed for catching tuna and cannot kill or harm other species. Whales, turtles, sharks, dolphins and other protected and endangered species are not harmed by this method.

As this method needs more fishermen than any other fishing techniques, we employ more people to help us maintain our supply of fish. This not only increases employment, but also enhances the living standard for many families across coastal communities. As we try to meet the demand for sustainably caught tuna and other fish stock in various countries, we make sure that there’s an equitable distribution of income throughout the company.

We are a Maldives fish company with ten years of experience in the industry of tuna supplying. Through the years, we’ve been recognized as a one-stop solution for our clients’ tuna needs. We stand behind the quality of our products. We are your reliable dried fish supplier and frozen fish suppliers proudly serving major markets, including Singapore, EU, Russia, USA, Middle East, Korea, Japan, Singapore and China. Some of our main products are canned tuna supply, saku blocks, cubes, steaks and yellowfin tuna loins.